How to earn money Questra World ?

 How to earn money Questra World ?

 I adhered October 28th 2016, in the company Questra World only with a pack of 90€. And 157 days later, i have already won  8 000€ of bonuses + my weekly commissions of packs which bring back me more than 5 00€ by week.

You can see the video  before to  join quickly my team and begin to WIN Lot Of Money 

Questra World is an international business opportunity for individuals and companies. The advertising agent of Questra World offers 2 ways to make money from its investors for a return in profit very important.
          1. Atlantic Global Asset Management

Image                       2. Fonds d’investissement par actions A.G.A.M.
The equity investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management originates from the financial holding company SFG Group, which has been in operation since 2009.
  The Atlantic Global Asset Management Fund (AGAM) manages the sale and purchase of loan commitments, including the shares of companies initially investing their securities on the stock exchange (IPO) , And also conducts foreign investment, corporate refinancing and financial factoring.
  The A.G.A.M. Is registered in the country of the president of the company, Antonino Robalo, in the Republic of Cape Verde, located in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal.
  The fund's headquarters is also located in Cape Verde, on the same floor as the famous international audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Image                       3. Main players of the fund
 Antonino Vieira Robalo is the president of the Atlantic Global Asset Management C.A. and a consultant with the World Bank and several international projects in Luxembourg, France, Japan and the United States. He holds two degrees in higher education and has more than 30 years of experience in public and private companies in which he held management positions.
 Andrei Andreevich Abakoumov is Senior Executive Director and Director of the Investment Fund Atlantic Global Asset Management C.A. Mathematician of higher education. Professional, specially trained in financial advice, trading and management of investment portfolios and funds. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in finance and banking in management positions. Today, he has lived in Cape Verde for over 16 years.

                     4.Financial activity license
 The A.G.A.M. Is the holder of a financial license covering the practice of several main types of financial activity. This license is issued by the Commercial and Automobile Conservatory of Registration of Praia and is extended annually.
  In case of necessity, each person wishing to do so can consult this license and verify its truthfulness and authenticity online on the official website of the Public Chamber of Commercial Registers of Cape Verde. All licenses and authorizations granted are duly published.
  With this license, the company can work with foreign currencies such as Euro, US Dollar, which is an advantage for working with the United States, Brazil, China and India.

Image                    5. Document - NIF Declaration         
 The De Nif declaration is also an important document, it is the identification number of the company with the financial authorities. In fact, it is the tax number.
  The Atlantic Global Asset Management S.A. fund, as well as the large investment companies, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the State of Cape Verde, is subject to an annual audit audit. The competent public authorities shall check the entire financial statement of the company.

Image                  6. Document - Letters from the Auditor of A.G.A.M.
In addition to the audits of financial services, the company has its own audit. The auditor performs a complete balance sheet and controls all movements of all accounts of the company, and also monitors the economic activity and the organization of the accounting report. The auditor issues a special letter to the financial authorities and states that he is responsible for controlling the economic and financial activities of the A.G.A.M. Before the financial authorities.

Image                   7. Types of activities of A.G.A.M.
 In accordance with the legislation of the State of Cape Verde, the financial license of the investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management allows and regulates the following types of activity:
Asset Management
Trust property administration
Payment Services
Trade and Organization of Asset Transactions
Investment fund activity
  Asset management within the company is provided by a team of qualified brokers who use reliable, efficient and proven investment strategies over time, using a broad spectrum of financial instruments and Established risk management procedures.

Image               8. How QUESTRA WIN money ?
 But how does the fund earn money by holding all the financial licenses? The fund's main revenues come from four sources:
 The placement of foreign securities.  The refinancing of companies that have lost their capital for various reasons. Analysts of the A.G.A.M. Are looking for companies that work well but do not have the necessary funds for their future operations and growth. We are analyzing the economic situation and looking for new sources of funding. Refinancing is a fundamental type of income for investment banks and funds around the world.
 Financial factoring. By holding a commercial contract on an actual physical commodity and, having pledged the transportation documents, A.G.A.M. Guarantees, by intervening as a third person, the realization of the payment. In this case, the fund is a financial intermediary giving a correct and safe profit, insofar as without the documents pledged by the fund, the goods can not leave. The fund's money does not go anywhere but remains on the fund's accounts, and we are paid properly for the provision of this guarantee.
 Organization and realization of IPO. The investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management ensures the purchase of shares of companies before they are listed on the stock exchange, and also invests in the purchase of promising companies with the future creation and issue of their Own shares on the stock market. The company makes money on the difference between the price of the shares before the IPO and the price established at the time of the launch of the trading.

               9. Purchase of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
 In mid-2016, the Atlantic Global Asset Management fund purchased debt securities from the small airline TACV Cabo Verde Airlines. TACV Cabo Verde Airlines is the only airline with a full Class 1 license in Cape Verde. The company holds the exclusive right on all domestic flights in the region and for the whole world. The airline tickets are sold at 100%, and usually one week in advance. In addition, the company provides airline services for commercial and freight lines.
 At the time of the transaction, the company was in an almost critical state at the limit of liquidation: it carried out several dozen flights around the world and had a fairly modest fleet. Also, most of the park was pledged in different banks. In the end, A.G.A.M. Purchased the active airline, with planes, crews, pilots and the entire infrastructure.
 After the final price was set in agreement with the Government of Cape Verde, a precise audit was carried out and the company completely restructured.

Image            10. Entry of TACV Cabo Verde Airlines in exchange
 Then began his preparation for the Initial Public Offering. The most famous investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were involved.
 Negotiations were held between the management of the company and the investment bankers during these negotiations the price of the shares proposed for purchase, their type and the total sum of planned fund raising have been fixed. Then began the active work of preparing the company for the initial public offering.
 After the IPO, the value of the company increased several times. Then the sale to a Chinese portfolio investor for example became possible. In the end, the profitability of the transaction according to the experts' estimates of the company is 300-500%. As for the transaction itself, it will have been realized in 7-8 months!
 To date, the company is fully ready to go public: all necessary documents are ready, all authorizations have been obtained and the roadshow held.

Image            11. Road Show for QUESTRA customers
 Investors holding accounts with the Investment Fund of more than one million euros and wishing to invest large sums, at least 5-7 million euros or more, may meet individually with the directors Of AGAM Fund In Cape Verde. Customers come to the meeting with their own analysts and accountants at the company's office to conduct the roadshow and study the documentation.
 After the client signs the memorandum on the non-disclosure of confidential information, the client is authorized to review all financial documentation. Subsequently, individual investment contracts are concluded with these clients.
 The equity investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management does not only work with major clients from a million euros but offers its services for all types of clients at different levels of capital. The operating principle and the unique business model of the A.G.AM. Is that client funds are structured and trained in a large pool. It is easy to manage the company's funds by a large pool, and finding thousands of investors holding various types of capital from 100 euros is even more.


 12. Company Products - Investor Portfolio
The Atlantic Global Asset Management Fund has prepared various investment products with a value ranging from € 90 to € 500,000 for investors of different categories.
 Anyone who wishes can earn money with the A.G.A.M. fund, enter into a contract with him and purchase his investment portfolio investment products.
 Let's look at all the investment products. White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Indigo, as well as portfolio line for VIP customers.
 Let's look in detail at the "Red" investor portfolio with an annual profitability of 270%.
Value of the "Red" portfolio 7,290 euros.
Each portfolio operates 365 days or 1 year.
The average weekly return on the portfolio is 5.2%. It is mentioned here the average value according to the results of 3 years of operation. This is already your net income booked on the account. The weekly rate of return varies each week depending on the results achieved by the company.
The average monthly income is € 1,640.
The potential profitability for a year is 19 683 euros.
The transfer of the profit to the account is made every seven days, on Friday, once the specialists of the company have finished the working week, after which the profit is available for transfer.

        13. Company Products - VIP Investor Portfolio
 Especially for VIP clients of the financial holding company, the A.G.A.M. Offers "Investor Portfolio" products: VIP, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum, to expand the number of products and services offered by the A.G.A.M. For its best customers.
  The VIP Investor Portfolio, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum have the same clues and only differ in value for a more comfortable use by VIP customers, however, compared to other portfolios such as Black, they have a High profitability at 0.2% income and a lower commission of the holding which is only 3%.

Image            14. Certificate on Investment Packs
 By purchasing an investor portfolio from the fund, you buy a product with its own identification number. Therefore, for each wallet purchased, a special certificate is provided. It is possible to consult it in your personal space and if necessary, to order it from the fund.

           15. Customer Agreement of A.G.A.M.
 An official written contract is signed with each client. More than 4,000 new clients per week are registered in the company. A contract is sent to each customer at the postal address indicated by the latter, at the expense of the company. Delivery of the contract takes from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the country of residence of the customer.
  For those who want to receive the contract without queue, there is the possibility to set a priority delivery of the contract, thus, the customer passes in the priority queue to send the contract. The cost of priority delivery is 29.90 euros deducted from the customer's account in the personal space.

Image           16. QUESTRA WORLD is partner with ECOBANK
 Under this agreement, clients of the investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management send their funds by Swift transfer to Ecobank, which is the bank of A.G.A.M. All financial transactions and exchanges with the A.G.A.M. Are carried out via Ecobank.
  Ecobank is a stable, modern bank owned by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
  Ecobank is one of the best valued banks in Cape Verde providing the company with the necessary range of banking services and working with high quality and successfully in the interests of society.
  Cooperation with Ecobank has been going on for many years to the extent that it works in all regions where the company carries on a financial activity. Through this cooperation, the entry / exit limits of the funds for natural persons are up to € 500,000 per transfer.

Image           17. Payment partners of QUESTRA WORLD
Working with the Bank and the Swift Transfer is the essential means of credit and withdrawal of funds on customer accounts, but for more convenience, payment system partners with whom the A.G.A.M. Works today were connected. These are payment services: OkPay, ADV Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin.
ADV Cash
Perfect Money
Before the end of the year, the fund plans to link payment systems such as:
  Neteller and Skril are very convenient for European customers, while AsiaPay is convenient for the Asian region.

          18. Questra World

Image            19. QUESTRA WORLD is Advertising Broker
Questra World is an advertising broker with the exclusive right to promote and sell financial products of the investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management. Questra World originates from the financial holding company SFG Group since 2009.
  The headquarters of the advertising broker is located in Spain, in the city of Madrid.

Image           20. Presentation of the Chairman and CEO of QUESTRA WORLD
 Questra World is an advertising broker with the exclusive right to promote and sell financial products of the investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management. Questra World originates from the financial holding company SFG Group since 2009.
  The headquarters of the advertising broker is located in Spain, in the city of Madrid.

Image            21. QUESTRA WORLD works in Network Marketing
 By creating an advertising broker like Questra World, Senior Executive Director José Manuel Gilabert used the advertising promotion model verified by more than a million companies and used for more than 50 years: the multi-marketing network model (MLM), and was the focus of Questra World.
 All companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising. The MLM promotion model was chosen by the management of the Questra World broker insofar as it is much cheaper and requires a smaller budget to search for new clients than by the media, radio and internet.
 The development and advertising model according to the famous system of promotion Multi-level marketing MLM was introduced in the company in 2014 only, previously we only worked with corporate customers. The model quickly demonstrated its effectiveness and economic value.
 In fact, the very system of capturing new clients is constituted in such a way that at the beginning, with the help of Multi-level marketing, natural persons became acquainted with the company, and during the dissemination of information, Corporate clients with significant capital address themselves to the company.
 The advantage and the prospect of a network marketing are so far indisputable. And it is difficult to say otherwise. With all the economic upheavals of the world, networked companies still show a powerful growth dynamic and Questra World is no exception.

                         22. Questra World propose 2 sources de revenus
  Questra World is a universal business opportunity, interesting for all types of entrepreneurs. For the company's clients seeking higher profits and earnings, Questra World advertising broker offers two types of income.
 The primary source of revenue is the percentage return on the sale of the products of the Atlantic Global Asset Management investment fund, based on the career scale of the agent entering into the contract with the advertising broker Questra World. When a client purchases investment portfolios on the recommendation of Questra World Agent, the agent is awarded compensation for advertising and promotion of the company as a percentage of the value of the product sold by Agent, according to his career grade.
 The second source of reward is the bonus program. By reaching the level of the career ladder and executing the conditions of the program, in addition to the percentage of income the agent receives bonuses in cash at each level of the career ladder. Let's take a closer look.

                      23. Career Map at QUESTRA WORLD
 Let's look at the first type of income. The bonus program consists of 11 career levels, by climbing them you will not only get a new position, but you will also increase your percentage of return on sales of the company's products.
 The change in levels depends on the volume of your sales and your entire structure. At the beginning, you are a Level 1 Agent - beginning with becoming a client of the company and entering into a formal partnership agreement. In order to upgrade to level 2, you and your organization, without time constraints, have to realize a sales volume of 3,000 euros. To go to level 3, 25 000 euros and so on up to level 11 "Super director" with a sales volume of 100 000 000 euros.
 For example, having worked 3-4 months, you became Agent Level 4 gold with an agent return percentage of 10.5%. You have sold to your client a "red" investor portfolio worth € 7,290. Depending on your level 4 and your return percentage of 10.5% the income you draw is 765 euros. The higher your sales volume and the higher your level, the more money you earn.

                       24. Revenue of an Agent on its Structure
 Let's see how much you will win your structure. It is a calculation that takes into account incomes from each level distinctly by cumulating them. For example, by having worked a month as Agent Gold Level 4, you and your structure composed of two agents silver, a bronze and a beginner agent have achieved a sales volume of 94,000 euros. Your own sales volume was 9,000 euros on which you earned 945 euros.

 A) Now calculate the income of two agents silver level 3. Your Silver Agents have achieved a volume of sales of 70,000 euros. The difference between the yield percentage of levels 4 and 3 equal to 1.5% is subtracted from the € 70000. The labor income of the Agents money will be 1,050
 B) Calculate the income of a bronze agent level 2. Your Bronze Agent has achieved a sales volume of 12000 euros. The difference between the yield percentage of levels 4 and 2 equal to 3.5% is subtracted from the 12,000 euros. The work income of the Bronze Agent will be 420
 C) Calculate the income of a level 1 junior agent. The junior agent had a sales volume of 3,000 euros. The difference between the percentage yield of Levels 4 and 1 equal to 5.5% is subtracted from the 3,000 euros. The employment income of the novice agent will be 165 euros. 
 D) Now let's add up all the income you and your structure received. In the end, for 1 month of work by a Gold agent Level 4 your income will be 2,580 euros

         25 - 26. Bonus Program
 Here is the second type of income: Bonuses. Starting with a sales volume of 25,000 euros at level 3 "Agent Argent", the QUESTRA agents begin to receive additional bonuses in cash. The bonus program is not tied to the level and depends entirely on the sales volume of the agent and its structure. Once a sales volume of 25,000 euros is reached both personally and in conjunction with its structure, the agent receives a reward in bonus of 1,000 QP. With a sales volume of 50 000 euros: a bonus of 2 000 QP, 100 000 euros: a bonus of 5 000 QP and a bonus of 1 000 000 QP.
  Once the final level 11 "Super Manager" has been reached and obtained a bonus of 1,000,000 PQ at one time, the Super Manager begins to receive a bonus of 250,000 PQ for each new "Super Director" level 11 in his Structure and up to the Fifth line. The more you train managers to the rank of "super manager" the more bonuses you get.

               27. QUESTRA WORLD Agents Statistics
Let's look at the income statistics of the agents of the advertising broker Questra World for 2016. This is the official data, from January to September:
Total amount paid to partners: EUR 10 964 000
Partner income for the career program %: € 4,758,000
Bonus for reaching level: 6 206 000 euros

              28. General Statistics for Bonus
 Let's look in detail the statistics for the bonuses obtained by the Agents QUESTRA which is as follows:

1,000 euros: 621 people for a total amount of 621,000 euros.
2,000 euros: 375 people for a total amount of 750,000 euros.
5,000 euros: 193 people for a total amount of 965,000 euros.
20,000 euros: 46 people for a total amount of 920,000 euros.
50,000 euros: 24 people for a total amount of 1,200,000 euros.
150 000 euros: 5 people for a total amount of 750 000 euros.
500,000 euros: 3 directors for a total amount of 1,000,000 euros.

          29. Training and Qualification as Director
 In order for managers to reach more levels and obtain their bonuses of 50,000 QP, 150,000 QP or 1,000,000 QP, Questra World has developed a special skill upgrading program that each manager must appropriately follow at Questra World headquarters to Madrid.
  Questra World's top managers and consultants with several years of experience in the brokerage field, test the managers' knowledge for several days, draw up a plan for them and show them what their professional weaknesses have been overcome, Obtaining a significant remuneration.

           30. Signature of the Contract of Director in Madrid
  After passing the various qualification statuses and passing an examination at the company's headquarters, a different contract from the current agent contract will be concluded with each agent after taking office at Questra World, once became director.


 31. Offers of Credits at Zero Rate for Directors

 Advertising broker Questra World believes that success depends entirely on the work of its employees. Questra World is the world's leading provider of business and financial services.
The employee must make a contribution of only 25% of the value and the remaining 75% are lent by the holding company over 10 years. The zero-rate loan is reimbursed on the part of the profit received by the employee of its structure, and the structure itself acts as guarantor, as a reliable and advantageous bond.

          32. Zero Credit Offers for Managers

 The zero rate loan program is available for directors from level 8 "Gold Director" who received a bonus of 150,000 QP, working in the financial holding for at least 6 months  with the status of director and own center Of active consultancy and at least 3 advisory centers active in its structure.
 Reach level 8: Gold Director
Get a bonus of 150,000 PQ
 Practice with the status of director for at least 6 months
 File a declaration of purchase of dwelling or vehicle.
  Use the zero-rate employee loan and become the owner of your apartment or home.

           33. Come and Join Us And Start Earning Your Financial Freedom
 Dear friends ! You were able to discover a complete presentation of a modern and very interesting company called QUESTRA HOLDING Inc.
 In order to benefit from all the advantages of the equity fund of Atlantic Global Asset Management and the advertising broker Questra World, act now. From now on, all the borders of the company are open to you. It is up to you to know how to take advantage of such an opportunity
  Questra World offers you the chance to achieve real independence very quickly. Will you be able to seize your chance? start winning, join this link

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