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Foundation Atlantic Global Asset Management equity investment fund has its roots in the financial holding SFG Group, operating since 2009.Foundation Atlantic Global Asset Management (abbreviated A.G.A.M.) conducts the business of buying and selling debt instruments, including shares of companies, conducting initial public offering of its securities on the stock exchange (IPO), as well as the placement of foreign securities, refinance companies and financial factoring.Equity investment fund is registered in the homeland A.G.A.M. president Antonino Rubalo in the Republic of Cape Verde, which is located in the central part of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal.The main office of the Fund is located also in the same place in Cape Verde, on the same floor with the famous world auditing company PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
The company's products - Investor’s portfolio
That is why Fund Atlantic Global Asset Management has prepared various investment products cost from 90 to 500 000 euros for the investors of different categories.
Anyone can make money with the Fund A.G.A.M., conclude a contract with it and buy its product - the investor's investment portfolio.
Let's look at all investment products. White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black, Indigo, as well as portfolios line for VIP clients.

VIP-investor’s Portfolio
Especially for VIP-clients of the financial holding, fund A.G.A.M. offers unique products "investor’s portfolio" - VIP, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum, which allows expanding the number of products and services of the fund A.G.A.M. for its best customers.
"Investor’s portfolio" - VIP, VIP Gold and VIP Platinum have the same performance and differ from each other only by their value for more convenient work with VIP clients, but compared with other portfolios, such as Black, they have a higher rate of return of 0.2% to income and lower commission of the holding, which is only 3%.

Payment services partners
●Swift ●OkPay ● ADV Cаsh ●Perfect Money ● Bitcoin

Questra World is an advertising broker, which has exclusive rights to promote and sell financial products of the joint-stock investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management. Questra World originated in the financial holding SFG Group operating since 2009.
The main office of the advertising broker is located in the city of Madrid in Spain.
Guidelines of broker Questra World was chosen MLM model of promotion.
Questra World provides two types of income
Questra World is a universal offer, that is interesting for all business types. For customers wanting the company to get more profits and remuneration, the advertising broker Questra World provides two types of income.
The first type of income is the percentage of return on sales of joint-stock investment fund Atlantic Global Asset Management products, according to the career ladder of the agent, who has concluded a contract with an advertising broker Questra World. When a customer buys portfolios on the recommendation of an agent of Questra World, the agent is charged a fee for the advertising and promotion of the company as a percentage of the cost of the product sold of the agent, according to his career level.
The second type of reward is a bonus program. Reaching levels of the career ladder and fulfilling conditions of the program, the agent gets in addition to a nice percentage of income cash bonuses at each level of the career ladder.
Let us get more about it.
Career ladder 
Let us consider the first type of income. Loyalty program consists of 11 levels or stages of career, climbing on which you will receive not only a new position, but also increase your rate of return on sales of the company's products.

Income of the agent from structure

Loyalty programme
Let me introduce you the second type of income - bonuses. Starting with sales of 25 000 euro on the 3rd level "Silver Agent", the agents of the holding are beginning to receive additional cash bonuses. Loyalty program is not linked to the level and is totally dependent on sales of the agent and his/her structure. Agent having achieved sales, both personally and jointly with the structure of 25 000 euro, receives bonus reward of 1000 QP. With sales of 50 000 euro - a bonus 2000 QP, 100,000 euro - bonus 5000 QP and so on to a volume of 100 million euro with a cash bonus to one million QP

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